The Deal

Here is more information about LBSN Unsigned:

1. When you send us your music, you are allowing us to play your tracks on our podcast.


2. We don't promise to play your tracks, we'll choose which music goes on the podcast, but that doesn't mean your stuff isn't great - it just doesn't fit with the sort of music we play.

3. We won't give, send or sell your music to anyone else, and you retain the rights to the music you send us apart from what it says in paragraph 1 above about allowing us to play your music on our podcast.

4. We won't give, send or sell your email address or personal details to anyone else either. If a record label approaches us for your details we'll check with you first whether it's OK for us to send them your information. We may use your email address to send you information about LBSN in the future.

5. If you have questions then please ask us using the 'Email Us' button on the home page of this website.